Hope Healey

Diametric were approached by an avid car enthusiast to help achieve a long-held dream of regenerating a classic model.  In the final stages of an epic project, Derwin Hope steered towards the leading UK experts for a complete rebrand.

Reimagined from classic car heritage, the bespoke Hope-Healey 3500 V8 motorcar needed a brand identity to match its distinguished pedigree.  A lifetime in the making, the prototype car provided Diametric with an exciting opportunity to use a range of processes across the exterior and interior to add the finishing touch. 

A long-time Healey devotee, Derwin Hope initially brought his newly designed logo to Diametric to begin the process of creating a front and rear badge which would reflect the car’s refined legacy.   The logo took influence from its Healey automotive roots and the aim was to encompass this classic car feel within the badge’s appearance.  After exploring the many process options available, it was decided a die struck badge would give that extra feeling of authenticity.

First-hand experience of Diametric’s precision badging and branding capabilities led Derwin to expand on his original brief.  A further request was made for exterior lettering, an exterior plate and wheel caps, as well as interior badges on the gear stick and steering wheel (resin coated badges).  This opportunity to produce the complete product branding for the car enabled there to be consistency in quality and process design. 

Diametric were approached by an avid car enthusiast to help achieve a long-held dream of regenerating a classic model.

Derwin worked closely with the design team at Diametric as the project progressed to ensure his original concept and design for the Hope-Healey logo was maintained throughout.  Various processes were considered for each set of badges, with decisions based on position and the desired look and feel.  For exterior lettering, tuff-form was used, with resin coated badges on the wheel caps, steering wheel, and gear stick.

Throughout the design process and during production, Diametric strived to ensure that the overall experience not only reflected our assurance of quality but also the value and sentiment of the project to the customer.  As a result, Derwin chose us for the branding on his next venture, the Hope-Healey Sprite.