Tackling tough, marine conditions? No problem – it’s all part of the latest project between Diametric and COX Marine.

When COX Marine approached Diametric for support on their groundbreaking CXO300 diesel outboard engine, we jumped at the chance. Sitting at the forefront of British Engineering, Cox are a force to be reckoned with, so to support them with their pioneering new product was an exciting opportunity.

As the high powered CXO300 outboard was set to disrupt the market, it was important that the product had a visual identity that matched up to its unparalleled performance. The team approached us with four exciting projects, all designed to capture and promote the COX Marine brand.

The first challenge was to produce three branded decals for the engine’s carbon fibre cowling. After discussions with our production team, we suggested high-bond vinyl decals with a front application liner. The feedback was positive, so we quickly moved forward with finalising the concepts and first-off samples.

The second was to design and produce a set of injection moulded, chrome plated logo badges. From the outset, it was crucial that our designs were suitable for the unpredictable conditions of the marine environment. Having over thirty years’ experience working with global automotive OEM’s enabled us to confidently offer a suitable proposal. We put forward two different options: 2K paint in-fill and polycarbonate inserts, both offering good durability and resistance to weathering.

Next it was about adding the finishing touch to complement the overall aesthetics. We were asked to create large format decorative trims for the cowling. Again, we chose a high-bond self-adhesive vinyl due to its versatility and durability.

The CXO300 also required safety warning and product security labels to support legislation and to protect the product. For the safety labels, we were able to utilise our standard manufacturing processes. However, our ‘off the shelf’ range of materials didn’t quite meet the standard required to protect the product, so it was back to our design studio and production team to find a solution. The result…a fully bespoke label that was able to visually and physically protect the product and packaging.

Shaun at Diametric said: It was an absolute pleasure to be involved in this innovative project and liaise with various team members within COX’s business. Regular meetings with design, quality, marketing and purchasing teams were essential to ensure seamless communication and feedback at each stage to achieve the desired appearance and quality for each product.

COX Marine said: The CXO300 is a brand new generation of diesel outboard engines in the marine industry. As a premium product, it was imperative all exterior features of the outboard to not only reflect our premium branding, but also be durable enough to last the full lifetime of the outboard whilst being operated in unprecedented sea conditions. We are pleased to have partnered with Diametric on this project as they have gone above and beyond to deliver us exactly what we had hoped for.

After delaying their launch due to COVID-19, we are pleased to confirm the CXO300 Powertrain is now available to purchase. You can find it here or contact a member of the Diametric team to discover more about this project.