This advanced exterior and interior branding solution produces badges and nameplates with incredibly fine detail, while maintaining an impressive level of durability. Ideal when space is at a premium, allowing a small badge to still deliver a high definition finish.


Electroforming is a labelling technique that allows high quality, detailed products to be created with the use of a metallic solution. Placing a mould into the electrically charged current causes a build up of particles, which over time bind together to form the badge, label or nameplate.


electroformed step 1

Step 1

Electro-conductive surface plates are created, with the design for your label printed on one side. Male and female moulds, or tools, are created, based
on your requirements. If any surface texture is required on the product, the moulds are created accordingly. This can be enhanced afterwards with the use of diamond cutting.

electroformed step 2

Step 2

These plates are then placed into a solution of electrically charged particles, which begins the electroformed process.

Particles of a nickel-based metal begin to deposit on the mould. This process can take up to six hours, depending on the production run. The metal skin that builds is carefully monitored until it reaches the desired thickness for the product.

electroformed step 3

Step 3

The plates are removed from the metallic solution, and the electroformed metal skin is removed.

A finish can now be applied to the product. The coating can include spray painting, chrome plating or colour inserts, and we are able to colour match to the majority of recognised colour systems. The badge is then stamped to the required size and an adhesive is added.

electroformed layers

At a glance

Electroforming is our top of the range process, which creates products with extremely accurate detail, for exterior and interior use. By submerging moulds into a metallic solution we create high quality badges, labels and nameplates that can be incredibly thin but remain durable.

  • Depending on the production run the electroforming process can take up to six hours to create the product.
  • Coatings can include chromium or gold plate, with a satin, matt or polished finished. We can also enhance the detail with diamond cutting and add holographic effects.
  • We can colour match the electroformed badge, label or nameplate to the majority of recognised colour systems or sample swatches.
  • There is also a low cost process available in order to produce electroformed nameplates, which makes use of aluminium base moulds.